Monday, October 7, 2019

Geology As A Socially Embedded Science

C.P. Rajendran writes on geology as a socially embedded science, and traces its historical development from a tool to exploit natural resources to present day concerns about sustainability.

"The bottom line of the arguments is that geology fortified by its unique narrative power and reasoning prowess which are the hallmarks of all historical sciences, cannot be seen from the perspectives of physics nor should it be treated as a derivative science. Geology is a ‘preeminent example of a synthetic science’, wherein the geologist employs a suite of logical techniques and tools to understand nature and its components. And, such reasoning powers that depend on the classical hermeneutical methods or interpretative logical procedures offer far superior methodology to find answers in a world of complexities and uncertainties that we now inhabit, be it safe disposal of nuclear waste, climate change or receding groundwater levels".

Fine essay. Do read.

Open Access.

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