Thursday, December 31, 2020

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Readings: Myanmar Geology, Holocene Human Populations, Indian Archaeology

Some interesting readings over the past few weeks:

1) Myanmar Geology- Oblique convergence, where plates converge or collide at an angle, has produced some stunning geological features in Myanmar. Lon Abbot and Terri Cook sail down the Irrawaddy River describing vestiges of volcanic arcs, strike slip faults, en echelon sedimentary basins, and fold mountains, with a fair bit thrown in about the architecture and cultural history of the country.

Sailing Through A Subduction Zone.

2) Genetics And Human Evolution- Razib Khan compiles a nice list of the many aspects of human evolution and especially Holocene population history that has been brought out by recent work in genomics and ancient DNA.

What I'm Thankful To Know About Genetics And History In 2020.

3) Indian Archaeology- A sort of historiography of the field of Indian archaeology from Colonial times to today. Dilip Menon writes about the push and pull of ideas of conquest, politics, and nationalism that influence Indian archaeology research and narratives.

How Archaeology Has Shaped India’s Imagination Of Itself.