Sunday, March 28, 2021

Himalaya Overview, African Population History, Iceland Volcano

 From past couple of weeks:

1) This is a fine synthesis of geological, geophysical, seismic and geodetic data of the growing Himalaya mountains. The review examines the interplay and feedbacks between seismic cycles and tectonic deformation. Earthquakes result in rock deformation and faulting. Tectonic structures developed this way over million of years, in turn, influence stress accumulation and the extent and location of earthquakes.

Building the Himalaya from tectonic to earthquake scales.

2) Holocene-age ancient DNA and genetics of extant populations is increasing our understanding of African population history.

The deep population history in Africa

3) The remarkable drone footage of the ongoing eruption of Geldingadalir volcano in Iceland.

Email subscribers who can't see the embedded video can view it here- Iceland Volcanic Eruption.