Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai 26th 27th 28th.... and On and On

I am just unable to get my mind of the disaster in Mumbai. Unable to write science.

One of my rugby friends who is a professional chef lost 5 friends when terrorists stormed into the Taj hotel kitchen and started shooting. I didn't have the words to console him. I cannot imagine what he and others are going through.

I have to help out in a rugby clinic for schoolchildren tomorrow. Not sure what I and the other coaches should tell them. Should we just go about our business and pretend life has returned to normalcy? Does sports really unify? Does it help heal? Will it help us and my rugby chef friend take our minds off what happened?

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Science blogging will resume soon.


  1. I have no words for the pain you feel or the loss felt by your friend...
    But do not act as if nothing happened...that is the reason why these tragedies keep happening again and again and again... Our government is used to it, our stock markets are used to it, but will the people whose loved ones were murdered in cold blood get used to it? Will their grief just melt away ...just like that?!!! What did they die for? Not even for a cause! If they, who bore the loss cannot forget it, nobody has the right to forget it and carry on as if nothing happened... Somebody MUST pay...big time!

  2. Suvrat, it is a huge tragedy going on there, and I'm so sorry for your friend and you and everyone else.

    I think the sports and being there for your friend and the children will help. Just the meeting together may help, just being there and answering quesions if you can.

  3. thanks for your thoughts both.

    Paritosh you are right. No one has the right to forget this.