Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Geology Haiku Meme

Announcing the Geology Haiku Meme

deep in a bioreef
a Permian story
calcite dripstones tell

Respond Geobloggers!

Rules: Three lines and a max of seventeen syllables. Use of kigo, which is the traditional reference to a season, may be substituted by a reference to a geological period. The use of kireji, which is a word that serves to give structural support to the verse is not widely practiced in English haiku, so you may give that a pass.

Leave a link in my comments section and I'll post a collection of Geology Haiku links soon :-)

See: A Collection of Geological Haiku


  1. After "Geology and Livelihoods" the interlinking of "Geology and Haiku" sounds fascinating.
    Way to Go...
    I do hope this catches on.

  2. Here's one from the non-poetic Geotripper:

  3. Done and done

  4. Here's my haiku. And there are a few more out there that haven't linked to your site.

    but unlike some of the others, I didn't illustrate it with a photo

  6. Awesome haikus around!

    Here is a link to mine!

  7. I did one too...I'm not sure how to link in comments.

  8. Here's mine. I live in New Mexico so this is about the area I live in.

  9. I couln't leave well enough alone, so I did my own too

  10. I tried to write one but they all ended up invovling 4-letter words, renaming files, and calibrating rasters in Petra. Since that's about all I've done for the last 3 months.

  11. I stuck a couple on my blog.

    How do you judge quality of these things?