Monday, April 25, 2022

Earth Day Geology Conversations

It is really heartening to see students take an initiative in outreach. The Science Paradox is one such science outreach effort.  Do take a moment to browse through their website and subscribe to their newsletter.  

For this Earth Day 2022, they invited me for a conversation about geology. The interview was conducted by Anaya Tiwari and Bhargavi Nerikar.  We talked about my decision to take up geology, the importance of geosciences, the role of outreach, books, and my parallel existence as a sports coach.

The conversation has been broken up into seven short videos. I am embedding the section on Geotourism below. 

The complete set of links to the interview are as posted.

1) What drove you towards pursuing geoscience?

2) Importance of geosciences.

3) How do you think geosciences can be incorporated in our education system?

4) What are  your thoughts on science outreach in reaching the masses and how effective that is?

5) Science outreach through geotourism.

6) Book recommendations for the field of geology.

7) What was the motivation to shift from academia to sports coaching?

 It was fun!

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