Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Books: Animal Minds, India Language History, India Governance

 New on my book shelf:

1) This came highly recommended from science Twitter. Peter Godfrey-Smith has surveyed a wide section of the animal kingdom and writes about the evolution of sensory experiences in different species. Sponges, corals, worms and octopus all manipulate the environments in specific ways. Disparate evolutionary pathways to be sure, but they all inform us about the origins of our mental capacities. 




2) I had a brief introduction to this book over a chickoo milkshake when the author M. Rajshekhar had visited Pune couple of years ago. He has spent several years traveling across India, surveying both big cities and the rural regions. His Ear to the Ground project resulted in scores of articles on India's everyday economy and the general failure of governance in this country. Its good to see some of his work distilled into this book.




3) Live History India has a really good interview with Peggy Mohan about her new book on India's language history. This is always a fascinating topic, as it tells us so much about population history, their origins, migrations, and intermingling. There is a section on Marathi too, and I'm looking forward to learning about that.

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