Sunday, January 31, 2021

Mammalian Evolution, Earth Biosphere, India Geology Outreach

 Sharing these interesting items:

1) Simone Hoffman writes about one of the fundamental transitions in mammalian evolution, the transformation of bones of the lower jaw into those of the middle ear.

Lend an ear to a classic tale of mammalian evolution.

2) How has the earth's evolving biosphere from early microbes to megascopic land plants impacted the biogeochemistry of the earth? A great review article by Noah Planavsky and colleagues. Read this one quickly. It is open access for now, but might go behind a paywall in the next few weeks.

Evolution of the structure and impact of Earth’s biosphere.

3) Live History India anchored by Mini Menon has produced a great geology outreach video. Four geology enthusiasts talk about India's varied geology, how to raise awareness among our citizenry about the importance of geology in our lives, and the urgent need to protect sites of exceptional geological significance. Dr. Pushpendra Ranawat, Bidisha Bayan, Dr. Reddy, and Aliya Babi are the guests. 

Do make the time and watch this. Email subscribers who can't see the embedded video can watch it here - India: What Lies Beneath.


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