Thursday, November 26, 2020

Diego Maradona RIP

I will prefer to remember his godly feet. That liquid motion on the football pitch. His short stocky body in perfect balance, skipping, darting, weaving his way through a maze. A slight feint of his right shoulder, a sudden burst, leaving bewildered defenders in his wake.

He had the footballing world at his feet, we gasped in disbelief, as he made the impossible look utterly simple.

He lived a troubled, imperfect life. But in these troubled times we must find it in us to forgive and keep remembering what makes us happy. And that his magical twinkling feet did, bring us joy unconfined.

On that hot, steamy afternoon in the Azteca Stadium, Mexico City, in 1986, Victor Hugo Morales described one of those unforgettable moments of poetry in motion.

Take a look.

Email subscribers can watch it here- Diego Maradona Goal Against England.

Adios Diego.

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