Sunday, August 16, 2020

Readings: India Dams, Geology Videos, Parsis in India

 Sharing some readings.

1) Neeraj Wagholikar, Parineeta Dandekar and Himanshu Thakkar weigh in on the dam building epidemic that is afflicting India. These three experts cover issues of environmental governance, destruction of fisheries and livelihoods, and a perspective on their irrigation potential and economic logic.

The deep political drive to push through permissions to build dams is best highlighted by an example of a malign recommendation in a report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on energy published in January 2019. It seems to view in favor Himachal Pradesh's suggestion to the committee to help declare large hydropower projects as linear projects, thus enabling them to bypass Gram Sabha consent. The statement reads, “If it is done, then, to a large extent, the problem of FRA, which the Secretary also mentioned, will get resolved because the stringent provisions of FRA will get diluted. It is not our purpose to subvert them. Our only purpose is to get them more liberalised.” 

FRA is the Forest Rights Act which gives local forest dwellers a say in the site selection of infrastructure projects. 

Makes you despair and shake in anger, doesn't it?

India, Dammed.

2) Geology fans! I highly recommend Rice University Professor Cin-Ty Lee's YouTube Channel. He has a very informative collection of short videos on rocks and minerals and geologic processes. 

Here is one of my favorites.. Isostacy and what controls the elevation of mountains?

Email subscribers who can't see the embedded video, can view it here - Elevation of Mountains.

3) Like Sugar in Milk.. was the memorable assurance given by the Zoroastrian refugees to the King of Gujarat. We will assimilate in Indian society. And they have in many ways, while maintaining a distinct identity. 

What does genetics tell us? Fine post by Razib Khan.

Endogamy and Assimilation. Parsis in India.

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