Thursday, May 12, 2016

Papers- Precambrian Crustal Evolution Of Peninsular India

Over the last year or so I've collected quite a few papers on the subject of Precambrian crustal evolution and sedimentary basins of Peninsular India. I'm sharing the list with links. Many of them are available open access from various outlets.

I got my teeth cut in field geology and carbonate sedimentology during my M.S. thesis research. This involved mapping a small area of the Mesoproterozic Cuddapah basin in South India.  Peninsular India is a vast repository of these Precambrian rocks. These papers provide very interesting perspectives on various aspects of their geology. Perhaps the big leap in the past decade or so has been -finally!- the increased availability of accurate geochronology that has made it possible for geologists to start piecing together their complex polyphase history.

1) Precambrian Crustal Evolution of Peninsular India: A 3 billion year odyssey ;  Joseph G. Meert,, Manoj K. Pandit, Vimal R. Pradhan, Jonathan Banks, Robert Sirianni, Misty Stroud,Brittany Newstead, Jennifer Gifford

2) Proterozoic orogenic belts and rifting of Indian cratons: Geophysical constraints ; D.C. Mishraa, M. Ravi Kumar

3) The Archean and Proterozoic History of Peninsular India: Tectonic Framework for Precambrian Sedimentary Basins in India; Joseph G. Meert and Manoj K. Pandit

4) Precambrian Basins of India: Stratigraphic and Tectonic Context: Rajat Majumdar and Patrick G. Eriksson eds.- Collection of Paper from the Lyell Collection Geological Society of London Memoirs : Behind Paywall

5) An overview of the Palaeoproterozoic geology of Peninsular India,and key stratigraphic and tectonic issues: Dilip Saha and Rajat Mazumdar

6) Morphodiversity, complexity and macroevolution: Revealed by the megascopic life of the Palaeo-Neoproterozoic Vindhyan Supergroup, India: Poornima Srivastava

7) Stratigraphy and correlation of the Neoproterozoic deposits of central and western India: An overview: S. Kumar

8) The Central India Tectonic Zone: Geophysical perspective on continental amalgamation along a Mesoproterozoic suture:  K. Naganjaneyulu and M. Santosh

Happy reading!

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