Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pangea: The Animated Life of Alfred Wegener

Another winner from Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck. The duo are responsible for producing animated science documentaries. Their previous effort includes the beautiful The Animated Life of A.R Wallace.

This recent one is on another Alfred...Wegener.  He proposed in 1910 that continents drift. They must have once been together but then they broke apart and shifted positions through geological history. Wegener had spent time in the Arctic and in Greenland working as a meteorologist and the documentary proposes that his observations on the movements of icebergs and icefloes and the way broken pieces of ice could fit like a jigsaw puzzle primed his mind into similar thoughts about continents.

I'm really liking this series of documentaries on great science discoveries.

Do  watch this- Animated Life: Pangea


  1. I really enjoyed the Wegener animation ... interesting, and the puppetry and scenes are so beautiful! Thanks for recommending.

  2. Hollis- check out also the link to Alfred Russel Wallace by the same producers -