Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Interesting Podcast's I've Listened To Recently

I should be sharing this list more often-

1) On America's other migrant farm workers - Bees! Biologist Laurence Packer talks about the importance of bees in American agriculture. Incredible- millions of them are transported by trucks to aid in pollinating almonds and other fruit crops from one end of the U.S to the other!

2) Science Friday- Summer Book List 2014- What is not to like about a conversation that discusses a book like Proof- The Science of Booze!... and many more books featured in this talk.

3) Science Friday- Crafting Perfect Beer- more on the microbiology of beer and the burgeoning craft beer industry in the U.S.

4) Planet Money- The History of Light: Before there was the light bulb there was fat! Planet Money is one of my favorite podcast; it is economics explained with a light touch. This episode features how we got from candles made from cow fat and whale blubber to light at the flick of the switch and its economic implications in terms of the massive increase in human work productivity.

5) On Point Radio- The End of Night: A nostalgic look at what we have lost with our city life- the end of the night sky. Wonderful remembrances by callers too.

6) Fresh Air: To End All Wars: Its the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War (World War I) and author Adam Hochschild discusses his book To End All Wars- you read this with a shudder- " I think the war remade the world for the worse in every conceivable way: It ignited the Russian Revolution, it laid the ground for Nazism and it made World War II almost certain. It's pretty hard to imagine the second world war without the first."

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