Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Humor: Rugby And Geology Don't Go Together

I ran into a friend after many years. Her son used to come to our academy for soccer and rugby coaching. She mentioned that a common friend had recently put up a link to my blog on his Facebook wall and after reading a few of my posts had showed my blog to her son, reminding him who I was.

Her son who is now a teenager exclaimed.. "but Mama how is it that a rugby coach can be clever enough to write a geology blog?"

My friend is now trying to persuade her son to meet me again. I on my part have promised to take him and his friends to a trip to the local geology museum.

Maybe I can convince him that sometimes sports, jocks and rocks do go together.


  1. Hi Suvrat!
    Really great to come across your blog!! Was referred through The Wire science blog. Feels joyous and for some reason vindicated to see efforts at rigorous science education for public in Indian. The dialogue with scientists is also a wonderful initiative! Had felt down seeing only non-Indian sources online for science that I refer to (youtube or otherwise). Had written to my friends in WWF and Raman Research Institute to write / make something for public education in Hindi but no response. Arvind Gupta has been so vigorously putting up material and translations on his website. I am so glad you are doing this even though in English!! Hope to meet you sometime :)

  2. Ashutosh- thanks for the encouraging words.. I too feel Indian scientists should be talking more to the public using whatever means they find comfortable...