Monday, December 19, 2011

My Popular Posts Over The Last Two Years

Its nearly year end and time to get a little reflective. I'm basing this on Google Stats for the last two years. Here are 5 of my most popular posts:

Indian Sedimentary Basins And Shale Gas

Plate Motions: Is The Driver Bottom Up or Top Down

Mapping India: Land Degradation and Desertification

India Basin-Wise Shale Gas Estimates

Geology Will Be Central To India's Climate Change Challenge

Two of them are about the hot energy source of the day and two about ecological challenges we face. My post on the recent Sikkim / Nepal earthquake came a close sixth.

My blogging is not restricted to topics about India but in a sense I am pleased that my writings about Indian geology continue to capture a fair amount of attention. There is not much information about Indian geological issues in the popular media and in the public domain, so I guess I am contributing somewhat to redressing that lacunae.

Thanks all for supporting this blog.

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