Thursday, November 17, 2011

A 200K Job In Australian Gold Mines

 Geology and Livelihoods # 10

The Wall Street Journal profiles  Mr. James Dinnison, a high school dropout from Western Australia who is currently earning $200,000 a year working underground in gold mines.

Here is an eye catcher:

Despite having earned roughly US$1 million since he started, he has no savings and doesn't apologize. "The mines are so dull, that when you get back here, everything is stimulation and excitement," he said. "The money I spend supports other businesses because of the [stuff] I blow it on."

Mr. Dinnison proudly calls himself a Cub—a Cashed-up Bogan, a bogan referring to Australian slang for an uneducated blue-collar worker. Books and documentaries are coming out about this group, exploring the country's unease with the thought that conspicuous consumption by undereducated people is what is helping to keep the country afloat.

....Mr. Dinnison hopes to be promoted to another underground job paying $1,400 a day, up from $800 a day.

Take that all you educated losers!

via  Geology News

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