Monday, October 31, 2011

U.S. Shale Basins Map On GeoCommons

GeoCommons, the public mapping site run by FortiusOne Inc. has added a map of shale basins of the United States to its database. Go here for the metadata and to create your own map. You can also download this data either as a kml file or a shape file or as a text file.

Since I last visited the site, Geocommons has brought more analytical capabilities into the public domain. Users can now select from a list of spatial analytical tasks like data merging, data aggregation, buffer, intersection, clip. A lot of the familiar GIS spatial functions are now available from the cloud.

You can search for geology and other data sets and can also subscribe to the feed to keep track of new additions. This is really a great open access mapping tool with a very attractive interface and plenty of options to thematically display your map attributes. You can also contribute data. Uploads can be in kml, shape or text format. You can also import data available through a web URL i.e. you can import say a kml file from another server or data that can be shared through a WMS (Web Map Service) which is a protocol for streaming map images over the internet. This way you are linking to data that is stored somewhere else. Your display will automatically update when the primary data changes.

Its really worth your time browsing through this site exploring their data collection and experimenting with making maps.


  1. Hi, Thank you very much for providing the shale basins of the United States. I want one more details. Can I get the formations or leases for the shale basins of the United States?

  2. Hi Sathya- thanks for reading.. check out this link of the U.S Energy Administration for important shale basins Formations. -- and this document- .. regarding leases there are probably many different lease holders, from giant oil and gas companies to smaller outfits... dont have the time right now to search through..but am sure that information will be available if you search...thanks..