Monday, March 29, 2010

Papers On Indian Quaternary: Paleoclimate, Geoarchaeology And Such..

I came across this treasure trove of articles on the Indian Quaternary. They are from the research group based at Deccan College, a well known centre for Quaternary research in Pune, western India.

The page has been created by Sheila Mishra, faculty at Deccan College. The papers represent a range of topics from paleoclimate, Paleolithic tool and material record of early humans, fluvial geomorphology and insights into neotectonics, Quaternary stratigraphy based on tuff chronology and so on..

The list is long but in a sense restrictive since it represents the work of one group. Geographically too it is biased towards the western and north western parts of the country..the states of Maharashtra and Rajasthan feature prominently.

Still it is a treasure trove, since the journals in which these papers have been published are either behind pay-walls or don't have an online presence.

There are plenty of topics here to explore if you are into Quaternary geology and geo-archaeology.

I am left wondering though whether authors can just scan their publications and allow free access to them without the journal objecting to such practices. I've managed to download papers not just from this website but from other faculty websites in India, papers which are simultaneously behind pay-walls at the journal websites.

Its possible that some journals police this better than others and I'm sure I am not the only one making use of this free access to the author's copy.

Beats paying $ 30/- or so for one download.

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