Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get The Beer Out: The Geologists Are Coming

Wired Science has a fun article by Betsy Mason on why geologists like beer. The fluid has been flowing freely at the recent AGU meeting in San Francisco and bartenders are swearing that geology conferences see more of that stuff being consumed than at any other science meeting.

Why do geologists love beer so much?

When it’s hot, and you’ve been hiking all day carrying 50 pounds of rocks, do you want a Merlot? - Jim Metcalf of Syracuse University

It goes down a lot easier than water because a lot of the places we go, we can’t drink the water - Jonathan Gourley of Trinity College.

Science doesn’t work when people keep secrets and don’t share their data, And what could be better to help with the free flow of information? - Daniel Jaffe of the University of Washington.

More theories here:

In India you get a decent collection of lagers but not much selection in ales. Hopefully that might be changing soon. I attended a wine festival in Pune last year and there were stalls by a couple of breweries showing off their new ales which will be in shops soon.

Good stuff.

I drink mostly  Okocim Palone  a Polish  malt lager which is now being brewed in India. In my opinion it is the best of the Indian lagers. Richer, toastier and more flavorful than the rest.

....geologists in India gulp down a lot too.


  1. Cheers for the Info !!!

  2. This is funny. Now I'm not a geologist, but I did take the politics of beer seriously enough to write about it a couple months back (basically which is greener, Kingfisher in a can or Kingfisher in a bottle--and I'm not saying that to plug my place, but rather to establish my beer drinking credentials) and I can say that if I drank beer at a convention of any kind, I'd be good for an hour or two, and then I'd want nothing more than a nap! They must also be selling coffee, which, like beer, I consider to be one of the very finest things in life.

  3. Hari- so what was greener - can or bottle. and as a beer drinker have you tried Okochim Palone?

    and yes i stick to coffee at conferences :)