Friday, November 6, 2009

You'll Understand Homeopathy If You Understand Einstein

....Homeopathy - can it get more stupid than this...?

Warning: Advanced degree in physics and chemistry required to follow this discussion:

Now you know why those white pills pack so much punch! They are literally powder kegs of energy.


  1. I think a vibration from that video went through my pre-frontal cortex and destroyed it. Whaaa ...

    Stumbled across this blog from DesiPundit. BTW, I'm a structural geologist now working in GIS and deformation simulation systems. Definitely not a soccer and rugby player, though.

  2. Maitri- sounds like very interesting work. are you a researcher with a Univ or working in the private domain?....and you should give rugby a try :)

  3. Thats one helluva way of explaining Homoepathy. Makes sense but the only issue is that I never remember to take the pills as either I've just eaten or am goint to eat. The gap of 15 mins befpre and after meals is the forgetting time.