Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Left Out! My Interview At The Reef Tank Is Online

There is a geology bonanza going on over at The Reef Tank which is a blog and forum dedicated to marine science topics including climate change, marine energy, ocean acidification and marine conservation. There have started a marine geology section in their community blog. Brian@ Clastic Detritus was the first to be interviewed. Dr. Erik W. Klemetti of Eruptions was second. The Lost Geologist was interviewed a few days ago.

Now its my turn. My interview is online (thanks to Brian who recommended my name) on their community blog page. I thought the questions were quite challenging and interesting dealing with how carbonate sedimentology relates to marine sciences and ecosystems and what my background in carbonates tells me about the current crises marine ecosystems may be facing due to global warming. There were a couple of questions on my posts on groundwater.

My favorite question though and I thank Ava the blog moderator for asking that-

You also blog on evolution. How important was/is marine life and marine ecosystems to the theory of evolution and why? 

I got a chance to write about how carbonate sediments help us understand evolution and also the question gave me a chance to highlight the work of two of my advisers who inspired me into studying carbonates and evolution.

Go over to The Reef Tank and take a look.

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