Monday, June 15, 2009

FSU Geology Program Suspended

It's really happened. The Florida State University President's office have announced budget cuts and major restructuring of programs. College of Arts and Sciences has suffered a budget reduction of more than 6 million dollars.

And the Geology degree program has been suspended. It will likely be merged with Meteorology and Oceanography into a new Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Program. My Ph.D advisor reckons maybe about half the faculty on the geology department are likely to be rehired to teach in the new program.

Here is the draft Budget.


  1. Sigh. This is the only thing that's been written about the program being suspended. I'm an undergrad the program entering as a junior, and will probably have to change major. Thankfully, Golf Management survives.

  2. Sad for the undergrads, but the faculty brought this on themselves. They let a bully kill the productive parts and support the dead wood. It was all about factions and who had the upper hand, rather than scholarship and mentorship. Look at how many associate professors are way overdue for promotion to full. As an alum (a survivor of the graduate program), my initial reaction was, what took the administration so long?