Monday, April 27, 2009

Articles On The Groundwater Situation In India

Just a follow up on last week's post on geology, groundwater and climate change. I've been reading a couple of interesting articles on the groundwater situation in India.

The Socio-Ecology of Groundwater in India- International Water Management Institute- Tata Water Policy Program

Energy–Irrigation Nexus in South Asia: Improving Groundwater Conservation and Power Sector Viability - International Water Management Institute- Tata Water Policy Program

My posts on groundwater have a predictable angle of how geology influences the availability and use of groundwater. But if you are interested in going more in depth about the socio-economic and political angle and understanding the role of groundwater in Indian agriculture, farmer livelihoods and the real and potential damage to groundwater resources from rampant mismanagement of the resource then read these articles. The articles also point to the needed policy initiatives for sustainable management of groundwater.

The figure below encapsulates the importance of groundwater to the agricultural economy of India

Change in the contribution of groundwater and surface-water irrigation to agricultural GDP in India

Source: The Socio-Ecology of Groundwater in India


  1. Recommended reading:

    Jalyatra: Exploring India's Traditional Water Management Systems
    By Nitya Jacob

  2. thanks for this angle on groundwater in easy to understand terms!Wish I had read it earlier..