Monday, February 9, 2009

Darwin: Quote Of The Week

Of all the articles, blogs, rants and talks going around in celebration of the 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species and of Darwin's 200th birth anniversary I enjoyed this piece the most so far:

After 200 Years, Darwin's Legacy Still Evolving

Ira Flatow talks to Matthew Chapman, Charles Darwin's great great grandson.

Matthew Chapman: Ya..there was a certain amount of pressure to be academically successful... most people as they grow up imagine they will do better than their father.. or better than their grandfather and certainly better than their great great grandfather and I figured that was not going to happen in the academic sphere... So I kind of dropped out..

Talk about high expectations.

Son when you grow up you need to come up with something better than The Theory of Natural Selection

It's a refreshingly humorous talk, one that takes a look at America's reluctance to embrace evolution.



  1. What is interesting is that several scientists in that day did not agree with Darwin's theories - on the other hand several theologians did!
    Have we come very far since 1859?

  2. I believe you must have heard the news that the Church of England apologizes to Darwin on his birth bicentennial.