Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Very Strange Maps

Once in a while I stumble upon, not StumbleUpon, just stumble upon a blog that makes me press the subscription button at once.

Strange Maps is one of these sites. A wonderful collection of weird, creative and humorous ways of depicting the world in "maps".

Having spent long late afternoons in Appalachia sipping sweet tea after a day's fieldwork this one I could relate to all too well; the north to south distribution of McDonald's selling unsweet and sweet tea in Virginia.

Source: via Strange Maps

I am not sure how many geo-bloggers have this site on their blogroll. It's a refreshingly different spot. You can't really categorize it as a geoscience blog although there are posts on geology related topics. But it's just the spatial depiction of information that caught my interest. Maps always give you a different perspective, makes you ponder over previously unrecognized connections. You can create your own story of places visited, geology observed, people you have met. Definitely worth a regular visit.

Hat Tip: Geology News