Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Finally Made It On The BBC

I mentioned earlier that in May as I munched my way through hot dogs on that mother of all outdoorsy day, Memorial Day, the BBC tried contacting me to take part in World Have Your Say. I missed out on that one. But you cannot keep a good man out for ever. Last night I got a call again and this time I was prepared. Be ready at 6.00 pm GMT I was told. We will call anytime during the next hour. The topic was "Are there places we just shouldn't live" referring to risky places like in the path of hurricanes, earthquake prone zones and flood plains.

I remember during graduate studies in the U.S. in the nineties, soccer was not very high on the list of sports news. ESPN Sportscentre used to announce that highlights of soccer will follow after the break and I used to stay glued to the TV hoping to catch them. Inevitably they used to come on last, almost as an afterthought. Me having wasted an hour, then got to catch a glimpse for a few seconds of some smuck hitting a goal. Total frustration! That's what happened to me yesterday night. The BBC admin told me I would be on soon, and I kept waiting and waiting until 6.56 pm GMT and then I was told to say my 2 cents worth.

My spiel lasted for a grand total of 1 minute something and then the show was over. No response from other viewers no debate no nothing! Bollocks, damn and damn!! The podcast is available for any sucker interested in this sort of thing. It's a long download about 22 Mb. I come on last. I finally got on the BBC. I have spoken.

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