Monday, October 22, 2007

Some News About My Blogs

I started blogging recently. One reason was that I like writing about science. Another was to point out errors in science reporting especially in the Indian media in the very faint hope that some feedback might reach the media. I send my criticisms directly to newspapers, but the usual trend is that if my article is generally supportive of the media report it has a higher chance of being published. I cannot prove this (I plan to start collecting statistics), but just a trend I have noticed. My post on the editorial in Times of India on Junk DNA was not published in the letters section of the newspaper but received quite a bit of support from the blogosphere. It also caught the attention of the Online Centre for Media Studies, who have posted a synopsis of my post and a link to my blog. It's good to know some feedback is reaching would be and working journalists.

Another piece of news, although somewhat dated. My posts on the Ram Sethu controversy, Adams Bridge and Ram Sethu: A Dummies Guide, received a lot of attention. Again the reaction was mostly supportive, although one memorable comment - either written in jest or due seriousness I am not sure- stands out. I was invited to write an article by the Indian National Interest Review, an online magazine. You can download my article on the Palk Strait here.

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