Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some Good Readings About U.S. Oil In Shale Resources

I go over to the Oil Drum often to catch up on news and analysis on oil and natural gas. A few that caught my eye over the holiday period:

1) Does the U.S. Really Have More Oil than Saudi Arabia? - some fundamentals about the difference between shale oil and tight oil, and resources and reserves cleared up.

2) Bill O'Reilly Is Misinforming Americans About Oil Supplies - U.S oil exports and imports and the link to gasoline prices and jobs.

3) Shale Oil: The Latest Insights -  Development of "shale oil" resources and impacts on the shale gas production.

4) Gas Boom Goes Bust: On the future of the shale gas industry.

The Oil Drum has generally been giving a more cautious and conservative long term perspectives on the recent elation over shale gas and new discoveries of "shale oil".

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