Friday, March 9, 2012

Interesting Blogs I've Started Following Of Late

Here are a few interesting blogs I've come across over the past year or so:

Anubhooti: Blog Of A Forest Officer - An Indian government officer blogging? !! Hurray.. :) Mohan Chandra Pargaien is a Forest Officer and blogs about environmental issues.

Earth Science Erratics - Erin Parker - Extremely engaging conversations on the challenges of teaching geology to school students. 

Earth Pages - In this Wiley-Blackwell’s  community site for the earth sciences, Dr Steve Drury writes about interesting research in the earth sciences.

Midway - Short opinions about Indian education and society by an academic.

Musings of Dheeraj Sanghi - Mostly about the Indian higher education system by a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Paleowave - Kaustubh Thirumalai writes about stable isotopes, foraminifera and paleo-oceanography.

The Archaeobotanist -  Among other things, opinions and views on the evolution and history of crops by Dorian Fuller.

The Salt - A food blog at NPR.

Watershed Moments - Musings of a Canadian hydrologist. 

Why Nations Fail -  Economic and political perspectives by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson.

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