Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paleowave Is A New Earth Science Blog By An Indian Academic

A few weeks ago I complained that I knew of only one geology blog by an Indian geologist besides mine. Kaustubh Thirumalai responded by pointing out that he has been blogging at Isotope Dope. That was his old blog. He now has a brand new blog titled Paleowave.

Kaustubh is a stable isotope geochemist with an interest in  reconstruction of Holocene paleo-climate and paleo-oceanographic conditions using foraminifera as a proxy.

I have dabbled quite a bit in stable isotopes of oxygen and carbon for my research on diagenesis in Ordovician carbonate rocks, using the proportions of different isotopes of oxygen and carbon that occur in carbonate rocks to infer both the origin of fluids flowing through the rock and the temperature of the fluid. That in turn can be used to infer basin history, more specifically the timing and extent of sea-levels changes and the establishment of fresh water aquifers and also the subsequent burial history of the sediment.

So I am looking forward to reading and learning more about Kaustubh's research which applies the stable isotope tool to understand a different aspect of the more recent past.


  1. A new Geoscience blog AND it's paleo! Woo!

  2. Thanks a ton for the plug Suvrat! I'm looking forward to having an exciting blogging journey...