Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best U.S. Earth Sciences Graduate Programs

US News and World Report has published their list of the best Earth Sciences Graduate Programs.

Top Earth Sciences Programs

California Institute of Technology - 1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 2
Stanford University - 2
University of California, Berkeley - 4
Columbia University - 5
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor - 5
Pennsylvania State University- University Park - 7

See expanded list...

List of Specialities...

Geophysics and Seismology

University of Chicago tops the Paleontology program. My Ph.D. adviser was a Chicago graduate and I kept hearing from him how great the palaeontologist faculty was.

I guess it was all true! But really John Sepkoski Jr. , Leigh Van Valen, David Jablonski... they are all legends in their field.

On a related education note, Money Magazine (via Joe Meert at Scienceantiscience blog) has a good article on the rising cost of public university education, the reasons and what parents and students can do to meet these costs.

They end with a good piece of advice:

The personal return on education certainly is large. Harvard economists Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz calculate that college grads earn 60% more than those who stop at high school...

Patrick Callan of Education Policy Centre concurs- The real difference in America is not between people who go to Florida and those who go to Central Florida..It's between those who go to college and finish and those who don't.

Finish your degree!

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