Friday, June 14, 2019

Insufficient Assessement: Pancheshwar Dam Uttarakhand

Environmental implications of Pancheshwar dam in Uttarakhand (Central Himalaya), India.

A warning from earth scientists that sufficiently detailed studies of seismic risks and potential environmental consequences have not been undertaken.

Map from the linked paper shows the location of the Pancheshwar Dam and the future backwaters in red.


We have assessed the likely environmental consequences of the proposed Pancheshwar high dam in  Uttarakhand Himalaya (Indian Central Himalaya) in the light of current geologic and geomorphic   understanding. The study suggests that if executed in its current  format, the proposed  dam  raises  concern  about  safety  and  its sustainability due to seismicity, reservoir-induced  seismicity,  slope instability due to reservoir draw down effect, and unpredictable large volume sediment  mobilization from paraglacial zones. The study therefore, highlights the pressing need to re-assess the feasibility and its  geo-environmental implications through multidisciplinary studies.

During my recent travels in Kumaon I met locals who were also expressing fears over loss of livelihoods as large tracts of fertile land will be drowned. 

Open Access.

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